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April 5, 2012


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KazooKazoo! is a Guelph based non-profit artist run organization interested in creating a fun and exciting space for live music and art in our community. Kazoo! festival is a five day arts festival happening April 11-15th 2012 in the heart of downtown Guelph.


Kazoo! Fest is a five day music and art festival that happens April 11-15th 2012 in the heart of downtown Guelph.  This year is the fifth annual festival. It will feature approximately thirty of Canada’s best new bands, multimedia art, a zine & comic expo, visual art, workshops and more.

In the past Kazoo! Fest has included performances from: Timber Timbre, Rich Aucoin, Bruce Peninsula, One Hundred Dollars, Diamond Rings, Evening Hymns, Lullabye Arkestra, The Skeletones Four, PS I Love You, Tasseomancy, Bonjay, Sandro Perri, and The Magic.


Kazoo! is a Guelph based artist run organization interested in creating a fun and exciting space for live music and art in our community. The Kazoo! collective is a non-profit organization made up of musicians, visual artists, and community organizers with a strong interest in showcasing innovative new music and art as a way to strengthen communities and bring people together.

Since 2006 the Kazoo! music series has hosted over one hundred shows and become the longest running new music series in Guelph. Kazoo! began as a way for artists to challenge the status quo of presenting music by focusing on hosting new and innovative music while emphasizing accessibility by hosting all ages events and keeping cover prices affordable. Over the last five years Kazoo! has been influential in debuting some of the best new independent music in Canada as well as showcasing local musicians.

Since it’s inception Kazoo! has always been about more than music. The festival programming has included literary events, film screenings, multimedia performances, car free day celebrations, visual art, and so much more. Other Kazoo! projects include our quarterly arts magazine entitled ‘Kazine’ which was published from Spring 2007 to Summer 2009 and featured visual art, articles on local issues, comics, short stories, and poetry.

Kazoo! is a community based project regularly working with other arts organizations, promoters, and community groups to make amazing things happen. Over the years groups like Ed Video Media Arts Centre, CFRU 93.3 FM, Festival of Moving Media, KYEO, Kaleidoscope Promotions, Fortnight Music, Wavelength Music Arts Projects have worked with Kazoo. These broad coalitions help enrich our programming and reach out to new audiences. Over the years we’ve built a community one step at a time by creating spaces for challenging and innovative live music and art. See what Kazoo! is all about.

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